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Mable Tournament

Join Us for the
Annual Pack 50 Marble Tournament
Run by the Bears 

Saturday, October 23rd, 2021
10 am to 12 pm

Woodland Park Pavilion 
Wilmot & School St.
, Deerfield, IL 60015

Dens check-in at the following times: 

10:00 AM - Tiger & Wolf Dens
10:30 AM -Bear & Webelos 1 Den
11:00 AM -Webelos  2 Den


Bring Your Appetite to Wolf Run Snack Sale

Parents will be asked to volunteer to help judge, so please familiarize yourself with the rules...see “Marble Game Terms and Rules” below and attached. No prior experience necessary. 

Key Rules: Please share with your scouts in advance of the meeting...
  • - Marble must be propelled by the thumb.
  • - "Histing" not allowed - Histing is when the hand is raised off the mat. A knuckle must remain on the mat while shooting,
  • - "Hunching" not allowed - Hunching is moving your hand forward while shooting (helping propel the marble)

Marble Game Terms and Rules
Lagging: Players roll or shoot their shooters simultaneously across the sheet to determine each Scout’s shooting order. Closest to the line without going over is the first shooter and so forth. 
Knuckling-down: A player MUST shoot with at least one knuckle of his shooting hand on the floor. 
Slips: Shooter slips out of a player’s hand while shooting. He must call out ‘slips’ and the shooter cannot have rolled more than 12 inches. 
Histing: Raising your hand from the floor while shooting. He must knuckle-down. 
Hunching: Moving your hand forward while shooting. The hand must remain still. 
Good Sportsmanship: Enthusiastic cheering, helping other Scouts, shouting encouragement, reminding shooter of slips, etc. 

Rules in a Nutshell 
1.        Get the score sheet with the player’s name from the timer/scorer.
2.        Verify the player’s names & begin Lag to set order for the game.
3.        After Lag, set marbles in the cross.
4.        Wait for judge’s signal to begin the game.
5.        Keep Scouts off the sheet unless they are shooting. Shooter is only Scout allowed on the sheet.
6.        Record marbles as shot-out by Scout.
7.        Verify no Histing or Hunching has occurred.
8.        Look (and listen) for Skips.
9.        Look (and record) Good Sportsmanship.
10.        Repeat 2 more times (3 games total).
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